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About Us


Our Company

FMC Research Solutions Inc. is known for our 'one-stop-shop approach' to business, offering consultancy, financing, technology, and experience all in one place, including products ranging from printing, IT services, anti-forgery and anti-counterfeiting solutions.


We aim to offer customized solutions that ensure public welfare and good governance.


We envision a future where every Filipino will have an equal opportunity to access government services in a secure and trusted environment.


What does FMC stand for?

For My Country

“Most companies strive for success, while a few pursue significance. We at FMC, we value most our stewardship role. FMC Research Solutions, Inc. is a small tribe of security solution artisans, aiming to contribute in building a safer and more prosperous country. It is a big responsibility to be the very first organization in the Philippines to be certified to ISO 37001:2016. With God’s help, we can together create a bribery-free community.“

The first and only Anti-Bribery Management System Certified in the Philippines

The Future of End-to-End High Security Solutions!

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